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Colinton Follows Craiglockhart’s Lead with Top Marks

One month after the Craiglockhart inspection, Care Inspectorate also visited Colinton in August to carry out the annual unannounced inspection.

Again, the inspection is rigorous, which included the inspector talking to parents, children and staff. The inspector spent the day in the nursery setting gathering evidence. Noted below are the areas inspected and the grades given. This is the second time that one of our nurseries has been awarded four straight 6’s.

Quality of Care and Support 6 Excellent

Quality of Environment 6 Excellent

Quality of Staffing 6 Excellent

Quality of Management and Leadership 6 Excellent

We are delighted with the grades and feel it reflects the hard work and dedication of all the team at Colinton and also confirms continuity of care across the group. Again, thank all of you parents for your continued support in the day to day running of the nursery as this plays a major part in how the nursery runs.

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