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Eco Schools - Green Flag Update

Staff and Managers from the 3 nurseries held an Eco meeting on Wednesday 29th February to finalise our applications for the Eco School Green Flags. The applications have now been submitted and we are waiting to be given dates for the inspectors to visit.

Each nursery has their own Eco code, which the children have been learning and discussing topics such as recycling and litter control. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the codes.

Buckstones Eco Code
E-Eco Schools
A-Always picking up litter
R-Recycling our waste and
T-Turning off taps to
H-Help our planet

Colintons Eco Code
C –Compost helps our plants to grow.
R – Recycle and Reuse
A –Always turn of the lights
N –Never waste water
L – Look after the garden
E – Everyone should pick up litter
Y – You could walk to nursery

Craiglockharts Eco Code
R – remember to pick up litter
E – everybody should
C – cycle and walk to nursery
Y – you’ll put our planet in a better mood
C – collect waste for our compost bin
L – let’s make our garden glow
E – eating our fruit and vegetables will also make us grow

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