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'A partnership for success' - Cranley Nursery Lanark Road

Read about Cranley Nursery Lanark Road in the latest publication of the Nursery Guide Edinburgh 2017.

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‘A partnership for success’

In August 2015, when Cranley Nursery Group
purchased its fourth nursery location at the former
Tower/Juniper Nursery in Edinburgh, they had their
work cut out for them. A year later, the nursery
has been completely transformed and has already
earned a growing reputation for excellence.
With three well-established, thriving nurseries
at Colinton, Buckstone and Craiglockhart, Cranley
Nursery Group was in the perfect position to
expand in late 2015. Since 2000, the group had
built an enviable reputation for offering fun, safe
and stimulating environments for under-5s, with
strategies that had brought high-level recognition at
national awards such as the National Day Nurseries
Association Awards and the Nursery World Nursery
Chain of the Year Award.

The purchase of Cranley Lanark Road at its prime
location on Gillespie crossroads presented the
perfect opportunity to offer the same standards of
childcare to a new part of Edinburgh. The challenge
was to get the nursery back to a suitable standard to
re-enter partnership with Edinburgh City Council for
pre-school funding.

From day one, parents were able to enjoy the
immediate benefts of dealing with staff trained in
the Cranley ‘house style’. Cranley takes great pride
in nurturing the career development of both its new
and existing staff, helping to create a culture of
support and friendship. This leads to higher levels of
staff engagement and retention, meaning that both
children and parents beneft from an association with
nursery staff who truly care. In fact, Cranley won the
Nursery World Team Development Award in 2013 in
recognition of its employee training programme.
Then came the hard work of physically refurbishing
the premises. The charming red-brick building with
its distinctive ‘fairy-tale’ tower was given a thorough
makeover, inside and out. The large outdoor play
area has been given a new lease of life, and provides
superb scope for outdoor learning and play. There
is a ‘free-fow’ layout inside, allowing children to
build confdence with the choice and freedom to
move between rooms throughout the day. And the
purpose-built pre-school timber annex with picture
windows acts as both a classroom and a way to
interact with nature and experience the changing
of the seasons. With swings, slide, climbing frame
and even an outdoor kitchen, children have ample
opportunity for healthy exercise and exploration.
And day trips by mini-bus to the group’s allotment
and orchard also play a key role in the nursery

All this hard work has paid off. As Karen Murray,
Group Director, says, “Although it was a challenge, I
feel we have turned the nursery around exceptionally
quickly to bring it up to our Cranley standards. This
has been refected through being accepted into
partnership with Edinburgh City Council within
our frst year of opening. We’re proud of having
four nurseries working to the same high standards,
offering consistently excellent childcare.”
Cranley Lanark Road’s partnership status with
Edinburgh City Council means that eligible parents
of 3 to 5-year-olds will beneft from up to around
£2,000 per year of funding. And that’s something the
staff, parents and kids at Cranley Lanark Road can all
beneft from.

For further information on Cranley Lanark Road
Nursery and the other nurseries in the Cranley
Nursery Group, visit

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Cranley Donates to Home Link

Cranley Donates to Home Link Family Support charity.

Cranley Donates to Home Link Family Support charity.

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Success at the Edinburgh marathon Festival

Congratulations to all of our staff who participated in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival weekend. They all successfully completely the 5k. The team was made up of staff from all 3 nurseries.

Congratulations to all of our staff who participated in the Edinburgh Marathon Festival weekend. They all successfully completely the 5k. The team was made up of staff from all 3 nurseries. Well done to:

Anna Gibson
Janis Davidson
Kirsty Archibald
Emma Cunningham
Emma Thompson
Kelly Burns
Lisa Davidson
Gayle Leggatt
Jen Ross
Emma Thompson
Anna Maclean

In addition Karen Murray our Group Director made it across the finishing line of the half marathon! We are delighted with the total amount of £1300 raised for our charities – Home-link Family Support Edinburgh & Isaiah´s Home of Love in Zimbabwe.

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