Cranley Nursery

Cranley Craiglockhart nursery is situated in a spacious Victorian house, conveniently located along one of Edinburgh’s main bus routes.

Great facilities

Managed by Carron Theriou and her team, the nursery is open to children from birth to pre-school, and has a safe, secure garden with separate areas for different age groups.

Baby unit

An intimate baby room, offering personal care for up to six babies

Large playrooms

Allocated according to age groups (one to two years, two to three years and three to five years)

Pre-school room

With the latest technology for all children, including iPads, computer, library, and a maths and science area

New technologies

All children have access to iPad learning

Safe, secure garden

With separate areas for different age groups

Nursery allotment and orchard

Providing an additional outdoor classroom

Regular daytrips

In the nursery mini bus

Green Flag Award

Eco-School status for sustainable development education

Private parking

Ensures safety and convenience at drop-off and pick-up times

Cranley Nursery Craiglockhart

Our Location

Situated on Craiglockhart Avenue conveniently located along one of Edinburgh’s main bus routes.


Our HMI and Care Commission inspection reports illustrate our ongoing commitment to providing the highest possible levels of safety, care and education across all of our nursery campuses.


  • Fees are due, and payable, one full month in advance.
  • Our fees are based on a 51-week year, allowing for the period when the nursery is closed between Christmas and New Year.
  • If your child is unable to attend a scheduled session for any reason, fees are still payable.
  • Please note children are required to attend a minimum of three sessions per week in order to ensure continuity of care.

Pre-school funding

We work in partnership with Edinburgh City Council to provide pre-school teaching in line with the national curriculum. This means parents of children between three and five years will be eligible for grant funding towards fees. Applying for this grant funding could give you up to £2,100 per year towards your childcare.

Childcare vouchers

We welcome all employer childcare vouchers, which could help you save even more money through reduced tax and National Insurance contributions. Ask your employer for details.

For more information on fees, please contact Karen Murray, our Group Director, by email at

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Top marks for Cranley Craiglockhart

Care Inspectorate inspect every registered care service, local authority social work departments and child protection teams on a regular basis to make sure that providers are meeting standards required and are working to improve the quality of care for everyone. Every time a service is inspected an inspection report is produced.

Craiglockhart received their most recent unannounced inspection in July 2012. The inspection is rigorous, which included the inspector talking to parents, children and staff. She spent a full day in the nursery setting gathering evidence. Noted below are the areas inspected and the grades given. This is the first time that one of our nurseries has been awarded four straight 6’s.

Quality of Care and Support 6 Excellent

Quality of Environment 6 Excellent

Quality of Staffing 6 Excellent

Quality of Management and Leadership 6 Excellent

We are delighted with the grades and feel it reflects the hard work and dedication of all the team at Craiglockhart and the nursery group as a whole. We would also like to thank all of you parents for your continued support in the day to day running of the nursery as this plays a major part in how the nursery runs.

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Eco Schools - Green Flag Update

Staff and Managers from the 3 nurseries held an Eco meeting on Wednesday 29th February to finalise our applications for the Eco School Green Flags. The applications have now been submitted and we are waiting to be given dates for the inspectors to visit.

Each nursery has their own Eco code, which the children have been learning and discussing topics such as recycling and litter control. Please take time to familiarise yourself with the codes.

Buckstones Eco Code
E-Eco Schools
A-Always picking up litter
R-Recycling our waste and
T-Turning off taps to
H-Help our planet

Colintons Eco Code
C –Compost helps our plants to grow.
R – Recycle and Reuse
A –Always turn of the lights
N –Never waste water
L – Look after the garden
E – Everyone should pick up litter
Y – You could walk to nursery

Craiglockharts Eco Code
R – remember to pick up litter
E – everybody should
C – cycle and walk to nursery
Y – you’ll put our planet in a better mood
C – collect waste for our compost bin
L – let’s make our garden glow
E – eating our fruit and vegetables will also make us grow

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Donation to Sick Kids Hospital

Cranley Nursery recently made a winning bid at a recent Sick Kid’s Hospital Charity event for the opportunity to switch on the Christmas lights at Jenners Department Store.

Anna Maclean decided that the best use of the prize was to donate it back to the hospital to let their chosen child switch on the lights. Cranley are really pleased to do anything we can for such a worthwhile cause and hope to be doing more with the hospital in the future.

You can read the full story here

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